Hey there! Welcome to the MinePark website! Here, you can find all the upcoming news, information and much more regarding the official MinePark Minecraft server. You can also access our webstore and support the MinePark server's development by heading to https://store.minepark.club!

MinePark is a Minecraft server offering many of your favorite gamemodes; including Factions, Survival, SkyBlock & Prison! We'll be providing frequent updates to each of these gamemodes. Having a sense of community is also really important to us; what's a server without its community? That's why we'd like you to join our Discord server where we'll be announcing exactly when MinePark launches to the public as well as hosting numerous contests and giveaways through our Discord server. Click on the card below to join!

Join the MinePark Discord Server!
Check out the MinePark community on Discord - hang out with 22 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Playability is pretty important to us and with that comes the range of different versions you can join MinePark with, we'll be supporting version 1.8.9 all the way to version 1.15.2! Specific servers have different version requirements, such as Factions on 1.8.9, and Survival on 1.15.2; we recommend joining the server on 1.15.2 to ensure you can play all of our gamemodes!

Add our server to your server list, so you can be the first to join once we launch!

Name: MinePark
IP: play.MinePark.club


We've bought the best of the Minecraft community from all around the world to help work on MinePark and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future to ensure your playing experience is at best as it can be. Allow me to introduce you to our team;

Gianluca, Owner
Hey! I'm Gian, the Owner and Lead here at MinePark. I work directly alongside the other owners; Keem, Leafy and Raft to ensure the server is functioning well, and that everyone on the Staff Team is doing their job. Primarily, I work on Plugin Development, as well as Content Creation to ensure all players are having an excellent playing experience.

Froze, General Manager
Hey, I'm Froze, and I'm the general manager here on MinePark. I will be working on keeping the network nice and updated, implement new features and make sure bugs will be fixed!

ConstructorLeo, Social Media Manager
Hey, I'm Leo. I handle all of the social media side of things on the MinePark server, you'll see me writing up the blog posts on our website (so yes, this one, hi) as well as the Discord announcements. I'll also be tweeting out new updates and responding to any questions directed towards the Twitter, so be sure to say hi on Twitter one day.

Michael, Systems Administrator
I'm Michael. While I don’t develop the actual plugins for the network, my job is to make sure that the servers and technology that the server is running on is always sailing smooth and happy! I work tirelessly to ensure that our servers are as quick as possible and always capable of handling large amounts of players every single day!

Anyway, that's about it for this blog post! If you haven't already, we recommend you follow our Twitter to be involved with upcoming giveaways, find out the latest news and more. Head to https://twitter.com/MineParkMC to follow our Twitter!

- MinePark Team